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Social networks

Social networks can help you to turn your customers and motivate them to better interaction and directing them to contents of your page

About social networks, their capabilities and the need to take advantage of their benefits is not necessary to talk too much. Social networks are further expedite communication, exchange of experience and information through the Internet.

Social networks allow individuals to interact with one another and to build relationships. When products or companies join such sites, potential buyers can communicate with them.
Such sites offer monitoring of all aspects of product and service, so people can share such content with each other and then drop it as a personal recommendation.

Unlike some other types of online advertising, such as Google AdWords, that the criterion takes sent inquiry, advertising on social networks (thereby generally think Facebook), criteria for ad delivery takes profiles and interests of users.
This is why Facebook marketing is an ideal tool for creating awareness about the presence of your brand in the market.

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Community management

Save time and achieve better results, leaving us expertly managing your profile on social networks

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Community Management is the communication with your target group on social networks, and includes managing profiles, regularly publishing relevant content, animations customers and responding to all customer questions.

For you, we can create a profile on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), edit the interface of social profiles in accordance with the visual identity of your site, post relevant content on a daily basis, implement on your website Facebook plug-ins (like, share, comment ), create a Facebook application for better interaction with customers and create reports on an agreed basis.

Facebook apps

Facebook applications have become very efficient and necessary method of advertising, particularly because of its unlimited possibilities

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Facebook applications are software solutions that are being implemented within the Facebook page in order to create more and better interaction with customers.
With the changes that Facebook has introduced, a ban organizing competitions on the fan page, Facebook applications have become an indispensable tool for those who want to organize a competition in accordance with the rules.
Facebook applications allow you to create a variety of competitions, quizzes, games, surveys, promotional codes or discount action. The aim is to create new fans, collect e-mail addresses and direct visitors to your website.

Facebook marketing

Social Media Marketing or marketing on social networks, is quickly growing segment of Internet marketing

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Advertising on social networks occupies a leading position in advertising.
Number of Facebook users reached one billion (1.6 million profiles in Croatia). It is therefore very important to advertising on Facebook social network.
By creating dynamics on his Facebook profile will expand the information about your brand and attract more visitors to their websites, which means potentially better sales results.

The advantage of Facebook ads is that you can target a specific group of people according to interests, age, place of residence, workplace or education. Ads pay only when someone clicks on them, which allows maximum utilization of resources and budget.