Computer service

Contractual maintenance of computers

Purpose of the contractual maintenance of computers, computer systems and computer networks is a complete and easy collaboration with our customers.

Clients in need of regular maintenance of computers and supporting IT services we offer maintenance contracts, allowing them to provide an extremely fast response to the claimed defect, more convenient service, continuing care about information system of the client.

Contractual maintenance allows you to safely focus on your business and let us care for smooth functioning of yout IT equipment.

Why decide for contract maintenance computer?

  • significantly reduced cost compared to your own IT service
  • constantly monitoring the price of equipment and software
  • advice when purchasing new equipment matched the needs of the clients
  • quick response to reported failures
  • priority for service applications
  • ecological disposal of IT equipment

Under the contract maintenance belongs two categories:

  • all computer equipment, communication devices, printers and related equipment that is found in the manufacturer’s warranty, as well as equipment which is out of warranty, and for which there are spare parts available from the manufacturer
  • operating systems, application programs and server systems defined contract