Computer service

Are you having problems with your pet? We guarantee its quick and quality repair at reasonable prices.

Our services include repairs of all mailfunctions on your computer. We find defects by testing computer with software tools, replacing defective components, installing operating systems and other software.

We offer a service of installing Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 7, 8) on your computer and installing all necessary drivers for proper operation on your computer. In addition to the Windows operating system we perform the installation of other operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS.
In case you have some nice information on your computer (photos, video) or important documents? We also backup data.
Temporary backup is done on our removable media, so after installing a new operating system we return that data back to your hard disk. In this way we ensure your data from being deleted when reinstalling Windows.
Storage of your data may be made to a CD or DVD.

AMD-Inžinjering - servis računala

Installation of antivirus software and removal of unwanted software

To make sure your computer is safe, we can install antivirus software for you

Our computers are exposed to constant attacks from malicious programs that in many ways they want to harm our computer system or obtain confidential information on it. Such programs are called viruses because they are harmful and spread like real viruses. Computer viruses can infect in a variety of ways – visiting infected sites on the Internet, opening infected files in e-mail or simply by running an infected program or game that you brought from someone.
To prevent the spread of viruses on your computer you need to install anti-virus software that informs you about viruses found and blocks them. We can install antivirus software to keep your computer safe from viruses.

Cleaning your computer

In case of overheating of computer components, they can be damaged

Computer components during operation gets very warm, so they must be cooled further. This is achieved by placing the radiator on the components that are the most warm and the fan causing colder air. Most heated is processor, so on it goes the biggest cooler with a fan. After some time radiator can completely clog with dust. When this happens, cold air can not circulate well.
The computer has built-in protection against overheating, and that is to be shut down. This is one of the symptoms of overheating. The second is a heightened fan. If you notice any of these symptoms, do not ignore them because they can cause damage to these components overheating, but please contact us. We will quickly and efficiently solve your problems.

Repair of motherboards

We specialize in the repair of motherboards and graphics chips

In this day and age when a component on your desktop computer breaks down, the easiest way is to replace it with a new one. This is due to the compatibility of replacement parts and affordable prices. But for two reasons, to laptops, we can not say so. The first is the incompatibility of spare parts for a computer with others, which brings us to the price jump.

If your notebook does not give an image, please contact us. We have the experience and knowledge to eliminate your problem.
In our service we perform replacement graphics chip or chipset. In the process the entire interior of the laptop is cleaned, new paste for cooling gets places, and if necessary, the small copper sheet is placed between the chip and heat sink.